A day in the life of a Devon farmer

Who am I?

farmer-devon-01.gifMy name is Richard Burston and my wife is called Jill. We are both from farming families but sadly none of our 4 children have followed us into the industry. Ashridge Farm is near Crediton in Mid Devon and has 195 acres. It is a mixed arable, livestock organic farm. We purchased the farm in 1976 having farmed previously with my parents on a rented farm. We currently employ one person who looks after the free range poultry unit on the farm.

What we do

farmer-devon-02.gifFarming a mixed farm means that through the year we do not have an average day. The work that faces us each day depends on time of year. Spring means new animals being born - both lambs and calves, sowing seeds and preparing fields for hay/silage making in the summer months. In the autumn we harvest the cereals and in the winter months we follow have a daily routine of feeding the stock and catching up on farm maintenance.

What I like about my life

farmer-devon-03.gifWhat I like best is working outdoors with nature all around me. Of course there are times of sadness when we loose a new born animal and times of pleasure – the birth of an animal and seeing the crops emerge from the ground. The peace and tranquillity of the countryside never ceases to inspire me and I feel I am lucky to have the good fortune to live here and be able to share it with fellow travellers.

It is my dearest hope and wish to continue to live here for as long as possible producing wonderful food that does not have to be transported hundreds of miles to be processed. I really do believe in local food for local people.