Car Travel Tips For Taking Your Pet On Holiday

If you take the time to prepare properly there is usually no reason why your pet can not accompany you on holiday.

Before you leave
Before leaving, make an appointment to see the Vet to make sure that your pet is healthy enough for the trip. You might also want to consider purchasing Veterinarian Care Insurance if you will be away for a fortnight or more.
If you plan to stay at at a farm or campsite in Devon and Cornwall check in advance to make sure that your pet is welcome. Plan to take along some items that are familiar to your pet. A favorite toy, her bedding, food and water bowls and anything else that will make her feel more ‘at home’.
If you will be camping with your canine then consider a portable dog house. These are like tents for dogs, are relatively inexpensive and are weatherproof as well.

Never let your pet ride unrestrained in your car
Even relatively low-speed accidents can be fatal for your pet if she gets flung around the cabin. You also risk serious injury or death if you or a passenger gets struck by the animal during an accident. Also, an unrestrained animal can interfere with the driver and be the cause of an accident herself.
The best protection for you and your pet is to put her in a suitable and approved pet carrier that is designed to contain her species. Then secure the carrier using your car's passenger restraint system so it won't tip over or become airborne in the event of a collision.

Never leave your pet in an unattended car for any amount of time
The temperature inside a closed car, or even one where the windows are open, can rise in minutes to dangerous or fatal levels. Many pets (and children) have suffered heat stroke and death from being left for just a short while in a car.
Do not let your pet hang her head out the open window while the car is in motion
We all know that dogs can not resist this simple pleasure but it can be dangerous. Not only do you risk having her head lopped off by a passing lorry, but she can suffer eye damage from wind-blown debris and bugs.
Keep the windows open slightly or, better yet, purchase and install pet-safe window guards. Your pet does require fresh air but she shouldn't be hanging out the window to get it.

Pets need to use the loo just like you do
You should try to keep to your pet's regular habits when you are traveling. If she has certain times of the day when she is accustomed to relieving herself then plan your stops around those times.
Don't try to reduce the need to stop by withholding food or water. Your pet will actually need more water than usual to help offset the stress that traveling causes. Also keep in mind that puppies can't hold it as long as the big dogs can.
After she completes her business, let her walk around a bit to stretch her legs. Be sure to keep your pet on a leash even if you do not normally use one. There will be a lot of distractions and new things to sniff. If your pet bolts out into traffic it could have sad consequences.

We all know that half the fun of a car trip is the trip itself. If you follow these simple tips then your pet will enjoy the ride as much as you do.