Cheddar is situated in the northern Somerset region of Sedgemoor, at the Southern slopes of the Mendip hills. This delightful inland village boasts a great location in a perfect tranquil setting.

Famed for its cheese and the spectacular natural gorge, Cheddar has been a destination for travellers and holidaymakers for centuries and it is not hard to see why. There are a great number of activities and attractions on offer in this area although it is up to you how active you want to be.

The stunning Gorge is the main focus of the village and at the lower end of the gorge, you will find the famous Showcaves with a series of underground chambers accessible to the general public, as well as Jacobs ladder - the steps which take you to the top of the gorge.

There are also riverside walks, tearooms and gift shops here. The famous cheddar cheese is world renowned and its manufacturing originated from this region. Today you can visit the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company located in the lower gorge area and watch it being made.

During the waxing and waning of the ice-sheets in the last Pleistocene Epoch a deep gorge, 3 miles long was scoured out of a hill - and this is how Cheddar Gorge was formed initially. The Cheddar Yeo in Gough’s Cave is Britain’s largest underground river and today the cracks in the gorge allow the river to further shape and form the limestone walls.

At points the ravines reach 500 metres, boasting the highest inland cliffs in the country. As well as the gorge being a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of the calcareous grassland, Gough’s Cave is internationally recognised as an archaeological site because of its Palaeolithic finds including Britain’s oldest skeleton ‘Cheddar man’ (9000 years old).