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Lulworth Cove is an absolutely stunning bay on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, with the famous Durdle Door a short walk west over the hill and a fossilised forest to the east. This UNESCO World Heritage Site and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest is a lovely place to spend the day enjoying the wonders of nature.

Image credit: Cattan2011 via Flickr

Incredible geology

One of my favourite things about the Lulworth coastline are the fabulous names of the landforms – White Nothe, Bat’s Head, Durdle Door, Man O War, Stair Hole, Lulworth Cove, Fossil Forest and Mupe Bay. As you walk the coastline you can see the way the rocks have been moved and twisted by the forces of nature, with the striking layers sitting vertically rather than horizontally, and how the sea, river and weather have carved incredible sights like Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. This ancient coastline has revealed many different types of fossils, including dinosaur footprints and crocodiles.

The area is perfect for an active day out – as well as loads of walks and hikes, there’s a three hour bike trail, or for the more adventurous you could try to ‘jump and swim’ round the coast with the Lulworth Rangers.

Delicious places to eat in and around Lulworth Cove

After all that exploring, there are a number of places to relax and grab a bite to eat. In the cove itself is the Boat Shed, where you can tuck into breakfast, light meals, cakes and cream teas, or the coffee bar at the Visitor’s Centre. In the little village of West Lulworth is the prettily thatched Castle Inn, one of Dorset’s oldest inns, dating back to 1660. If you are in need of a sugar hit, head to the Doll’s House, where you can indulge in cream tea, fudge, traditional sweets and ice cream, or the Lulworth Ice Cream Parlour. Head north east and you will find Lulworth Castle and Park, where you can pop into the Weld Arms, a thatched inn at the castle gates.

Did you know?

The bay of Lulworth Sinus in Kraken Mare, the largest hydrocarbon sea on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, is named after Lulworth Cove.

Getting to Lulworth Cove

SATNAV postcode is BH20 5RQ